Veiled Rose


Book: Veiled Rose
Character: Rose Red
Lyrics by Meredith Burton
Music and Vocals by Abby Cashen
Book: Veiled Rose
Music and Vocals by: Melissa Snow
Venture into the Wood Between. It is a place of mystery
and one never knows what one may find."

Book: Veiled Rose
Music Composed by Allison Ruvidich
Performance by Allison Ruvidich
“Coming Through the Roses” is a song I wrote based on the novel Veiled Rose by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  It is a dark pseudo-folk song for solo voice and guitar, both of which I perform.  All the images are in the public domain.  I hope you enjoy.

Book: Veiled Rose
The tune is “Forest Green” which is an anonymous English ballad in the public domain.  The arrangement was done by Ralph Vaughan-Williams in 1908.
Performance by Michael Jones and Family

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